Darrow Mystic
Darrow (on right) and Animora (left) (Mystic #11)
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance Mystic
Created by Ron Marz, Brandon Peterson
In-story information
Alter ego Ahrroh
Species Demi-God The First
Team affiliations House Sinister
Abilities Energy blast, Teleportation, Demon summoning

Darrow is a character from CrossGen Entertainment's Sigilverse. He appeared in the Mystic series as first a friend, then an enemy of the heroine Giselle Villard. Darrow is one of the self-styled gods called The First, he was sent to seduce the only Sigil-Bearer on the planet of Ciress. Darrow's real name among the gods of the First is Ahrroh and he is the personification of sorrow.

Fictional character biographyEdit

Darrow is always well dressed and always smoking a cigarette. Back on his home of Elysia he wore black, silver, and red. Darrow is smooth, elegant, but bitter and somewhat weak-willed.

Darrow used to be the lover of Ingra, the leader of House Sinister. He was part of a power struggle between Ingra and Animora. Darrow and Animora had an affair and Ingra used this as a pretext to challenge Animora to a battle. Ingra won the fight and cursed Animora before exiling her from Elysia. Not long after, Ingra put aside Darrow in exchange for a new (unnamed) lover.

Darrow, though sent by Ingra to seduce Giselle, chooses instead to help Animora, once she is freed from the prison she was locked into by the mage guild leaders five hundred years earlier. However, Giselle is able to beat both Darrow and Animora. Darrow and Animora team up together for another try at Giselle but the result ends up badly for Animora. Darrow subsequently goes into hiding.

Later near the end of the series, it was revealed the reason for Darrow's absence was that captured by the Geo Meter, Guild who cut the First from the universal energies, rendering him vulnerable. He became their prisoner, and was further drained of his powers, by Vashua when she forcibly made love to him reverting him into an old man.

He was freed by Giselle, who discovered his pitiful fate. Despite their past animosity bith worked together to defeat the Geo Meter. Free fro the Geo Meter's influence Darrow, regained his youth and some of his power, turning over a new leaf decided to aid his one-time lover Giselle. The tracked Vashua back to the Tantric Lands. However when they were directed to her location by her lieutenant, Darrow noticing a change in 'Vashua', realized his tormentor switched bodies to escape justice. The trio they returned to apprehend the disgraced guild master, Darrow being the one to personally imprison her.

The First being entranced by the Tantric Guild and their culture, Darrow decided to remain so that he may truly love and experience the lives of mortals.

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