Rover strange markings, in Chimera #1
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance Chimera #1
Created by Brandon Peterson
In-story information
Alter ego Danik
Species Fully Ascended Atlantean
Team affiliations Bright-Side
Notable aliases Rover
Abilities Ultra High-Level Cosmic Energy Manipulator

Rover is a character from CrossGen Entertainment's Chimera. He is a robot that belongs to the main character in the Chimera comic series. His owner is Sara Janning one of the Sigil-Bearers. Rover at first appears to be an obedient machine, however certain aspects of his character state he is something otherwise.

Character detailsEdit

Rover is a Carapoid, an ancient robotic relic created by a race the Chimera Imperium calls the Progenitors. He was discovered by Sara on Severan, and though it was standard to hand all Progenitor artifacts to the Imperium, Sara kept him and used him in her ice harvesting work. She named him after her dog she lost on Yamivol Prime.

Unlike other Carapoids, Rover possess yellow, pulsing markings that appear when he speaks. These yellow marks are similar to when any of Danik's aspect appear to be serious, hinting that the robot may be in fact another of Danik's aspects.

Despite being a indifferent robot, he appears to display greater amount of independent actions and is quite vocal giving out helpful advice in certain situations.

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